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YIMBY Portland to Host "Priced Out of Portland" Event on Tuesday, October 29

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Portland, ME - Today, YIMBY Portland, a new "Yes In My Backyard" group advocating for a more prosperous Portland, announced plans to host Priced Out of Portland on Tuesday, October 29 from 5-7 p.m. at the Public Works in Portland. Sponsored by Benchmark Real Estate, the event will seek to start a community-driven conversation about the housing shortage in Portland as more and more people are unable to afford the increasing home and rent prices in the city. The discussion will center on how to provide more homes for all community members in a way that is sustainable and supports Portland's local economy and quality of life.
Eric Kronberg, principal at Kronberg Wall and speaker at YIMBY Portland.
Priced Out of Portland will feature Eric Kronberg, principal at Kronberg Wall, a commercial redevelopment firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and with offices around the country. Kronberg is known nationally as the "zoning whisperer," specializing in the examination and demystification of local zoning ordinances. Above all else, Kronberg is an advocate for walkable and bikeable communities, working with the Incremental Development Alliance, Congress for the New Urbanism, Georgia Conservancy, and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to conceptualize developments that put community first.
Along with Kronberg's national perspective, the event will be supported by a wide range of local Portland voices from business owners and developers to immigrant community leaders and affordable-housing advocates. Fostering an open conversation with all, both speakers and attendees, the Priced Out of Portland event will address the city's housing shortage and highlight potential innovative solutions.
Markos Miller, moderator for the event, said, "by inviting national, regional, and local voices to share their unique perspectives on housing, we hope to take one step in the right direction on behalf of those who find themselves priced out of Portland." People can RSVP at www.eventbrite.com/e/priced-out-of-portland-tickets-75866854805.
"We're excited to help promote an honest and collaborative discussion of Portland's housing shortage," said sponsor Benchmark Real Estate owner Tom Landry. "We hope this event will lead to potential solutions to a problem that affects so many. It's clear that the status quo isn't working, and the first step in addressing that is a conversation."

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